A couple’s Guide to a Weekend Getaway at Cooper’s Rock

Need a romantic, yet adventurous weekend getaway with your significant other? Look no further than Mountain Creek Cabins! Our cabins at Cooper’s Rock are lodged near the mountains and offer scenic views. Cooper’s Rock is beautiful year-round, but the weather will determine what activities you will likely choose. Despite whether it is hot or cold outside, we have your guide to your best weekend getaway thus far.


Summer Activities at Cooper’s Rock in WV

Located near Cheat River, our cabins at Cooper’s Rock are perfect for couples who are looking for a little adventure. Grab an inflatable raft and navigate your way on the water together. If you’re up to the challenge, test your limits and try whitewater rafting. Work as a team to paddle against the tough rapids. If you plan a whitewater rafting tour, you may find activities such as swimming, rock climbing, paintball, and jumping off of rocks included in your tour. Finish your day by packing a picnic and eating lunch along the waterside with your significant other.

Water activities

If you want to be on the water, but need something a bit more relaxing, rent a canoe, paddleboard, or kayak. Enjoy the light breeze while floating on the water and take in the peaceful scenery of the wooded areas surrounding you. Take a break from paddling and float on the river to unwind. Cool off by jumping into the water for a quick swim and don’t forget to bring a packed lunch for you and your loved one.

Another option is to rent or bring your own boat and explore the waters of Cheat Lake together. Cheat Lake is a 1,730 acre reservoir that offers multiple public access points. Enhance your trip by water skiing, tubing, fishing, and swimming while out on the water. Make sure to bring music, packed lunches, and a cooler filled with cold drinks to stay hydrated. Remember to bring your life jackets for any water sport activity.

Just Relax

Play a relaxing game of 9- or 18-holes of golf at a nearby golf course with your loved one. Challenge one another on a variety of tees, or just take in the mountainous views and the beautiful green while playing each hole. If you both prefer a quick game instead, visit the mini-golf course that is in the resort located close to your cabin. Though the mini-golf course is less challenging than a full game of golf, you and your loved one will face obstacles, angles, and turns at each hole.


Thrill Seekers

Mountain Creek Cabins at Cooper’s Rock is just a short drive away from Wisp Resort. If you and your significant other enjoy thrill rides, take a ride on the Mountain Coaster, an Alpine Slide and Roller Coaster combined with twists, turns, dips, corkscrews, and over 350-feet of track alongside Wisp Mountain. The Mountain Coaster glides past scenic wooded areas, ski lifts, skiers and snowboarders. Riders will also get the opportunity to view Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County residing below. Keep an eye out for the camera that captures your experiences while on the Mountain Coaster!

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to fly? Visit the WVU Canopy Tour that is only five minutes away from Mountain Creek Cabins or one of the other ziplining locations near your cabin for a ziplining tour that will surely give you the sense of what it is like to really fly! Reach speeds up to 60 miles per hour and even soar above hills and through wooded areas. Cross bridges, navigate to platforms, and zip multiple lines for the ultimate experience.


Rock Climbing at Cooper’s Rock, WV

Experience the history and beauty of Cooper’s Rock State Forest this summer! While visiting, you will find challenging mountain and hiking trails, rock climbing, and discover the overlooks that are known to many as having amazing views.

As one of the best sites for roping and bouldering on this side of the United States, Cooper’s Rock is ideal for rock climbers that enjoy a challenge.

Well-known climbing areas include:

  • Sunset Wall
  • Roadside Rocks
  • Upper Rock City
  • Tilted Tree
  • Roof Rocks


To get to Sunset Wall, Roadside Rocks, Upper Rocky City, and Tilted Tree, turn right on the Cooper’s Rock exit (on 68 East) and head towards the forest’s main parking area. The Roof Rocks are located on the right of the Henry Clay Iron Furnace Road.


Hiking at Cooper’s Rock in WV

Explore Cooper’s Rock by foot on the many trails throughout the forest. With 50 miles of trails, choose your path depending on your skill level. Many trails lead to the infamous Cooper’s Rock Overlook where you will find a memorable view of the gorge.


Mountain Biking at Cooper’s Rock in WV

Mountain bikers will not grow tired of the trails at Cooper’s Rock! With obstacles including roots, rocks, and the ever-so-often fallen tree, log pile or bridge, Cooper’s Rock is a rewarding opportunity for bikers to explore.

Take a look at the hiking and biking trails below:


Biking Skill Level: Beginner

  • Eagle Trail: Less than a one-mile walk, the Eagle Trail begins near the gift shop and will lead you to the start of the Rock City Trail.
  • Goodspeed Highway Trail: A three-mile walk, Goodspeed Highway Trail starts at Quarry Run Road and finishes at Chestnut Ridge Camp.
  • McCollum Trail: A one-mile trail, McCollum Trail begins at McCollum Campground, crosses the Raven’s Rock Trail, and is a connector trail to Cooper’s Rock Overlook via the Roadside Trail. Take a moment to enjoy the Raven’s Rock and Cooper’s Rock Overlooks for scenic views.
  • Reservoir Loop Trail:  Under a mile, the Reservoir Loop Trail will take you on a loop-around hike.
  • Rock City Trail: A one-mile hike, Rock City Trail runs through the Rock City area and offers an easier trail for beginners.
  • Roadside Trail: A trail that offers a three-mile hike, Roadside Trail starts near the forest entry’s parking lot and leads into a hike to the overlook.
  • Virgin Hemlock Trail: A little over a mile long, the Virgin Hemlock Trail starts at WV Route 73 and enters into a 300-year old hemlock grove at the end of the trail.

Biking Skill Level: Moderate

  • Clay Furnace Trail: Nearly a mile long, the Clay Furnace Trail starts near the furnace parking lot offers both fairly leveled ground and steep areas leading into the Henry Clay iron furnace area.
  • Clay Run Trail: Another trail leading towards the Henry Clay iron furnace, the Clay Run Trail is almost two-miles long starting at McCollum camping area.
  • Darnell Hollow Trail: The four-mile, moderately-steep Darnell Hollow Trail starts on Fairchance Road near Calvary Church and stops at the Chestnut Ridge Campground.
  • Glade Run Trail: A mile and one-half hike, Glade Run Trail starts to the left of Sand Spring Road and will lead you towards the fishing area of Messinger Lake.
  • Ken’s Run Trail: A four and one-half mile trail, Ken’s Run Trail starts at the Sand Springs Homestead and leads into the archery range parking lot.
  • Mont Chateau Trail: Over two and one-half miles, Mont Chateau Trail starts at the Henry Clay iron furnace and ends near the Mont Chateau Lodge at Cheat Lake.
  • Rattlesnake Trail: Just under a mile, Rattlesnake Trail goes through the rocky cliffs parallel to Cheat River Canyon and connecting with Rock City.
  • Raven’s Rock Trail: A mile and one-half long, Raven’s Rock Trail starts near the gated road of the campground entryway and will lead you toward the Raven’s Rock Overlook.
  • Rhododendron Trail: The one-mile Rhododendron Trail begins at the lower picnic area and leads into the Henry Clay iron furnace area. You may even spot the West Virginia state flower, the Rhododendron, along the trail.
  • Ridge Trail: A one and one-half mile trail begins at the Rock City shelter and is a connector trail to the Mont Chateau Trail.
  • Scott Run Trail: The two and one-half mile Scott Run Trail starts at the forest entry parking lot and leads into the McCollum camping area.
  • Underlook Trail: On this .2-mile Underlook Trail, you’ll get the opportunity to see underneath the formation of Cooper’s Rock Overlook.

Biking Skill Level: Advanced

  • Johnson Hollow Trail: The three-mile Johnson Hollow Trail offers a moderately-steep path that is a connector trail to the Goodspeed Highway Trail and Quarry Run Road.
  • Lick Run Trail: Nearly a two-mile hike, the moderately-steep Lick Run Trail starts at Sand Springs Road and stops at WV Route 73.


Winter Activities at Cooper’s Rock in WV

If you’re planning a trip for when the weather starts to cool down, head over to the winter slopes at one of the resorts located near Mountain Creek Cabins.


Skiing & Snowboarding

With a variety of trails that offer multiple levels of difficulty, skiing and snowboarding are both welcome. However, if you and your loved one would rather participate in a less strenuous sport, tubing is also available.


Sled Riding

Relieve some stress together with a sled ride that will surely release your inner-child. Wake up early and sled into the day for memories that will last a lifetime. Race one another to the bottom of the 350-foot downward sledding hill to really get your adrenaline pumping!


Horse-drawn Sleigh Ride

Have you ever taken a sleigh ride together? If you are wanting a romantic evening out, a sleigh ride is a must. Listen to the muffled hoofbeats of the horse-drawn sleigh travelling on the snow. Bring blankets to keep warm while taking in the chilled air and starry skies. Be sure to warm up with a cup of hot cocoa together upon your return to your cabin!


Dog Sledding

Though it is a popular recreational sport in mainly the northern states, dog-sledding is also a must-try if you stay with Mountain Creek Cabins at Cooper’s Rock during the winter! Take an exciting ride on a sled pulled by a team of dogs for a thrilling experience along trails of twists and turns.


Ideal for All Seasons

No matter what the weather looks like outside, enhance your stay by requesting an in-cabin spa service for you and your significant other. Stay in one of our cabins at Cooper’s Rock that features a hot tub, fire ring, or has a gas log fireplace.

Are there any activities that we listed that you would rather do separately? Maybe play a game of golf while she treats herself to a massage or takes advantage of the hair and beauty services that are offered in close proximity to Mountain Creek Cabins. Meet up with each other later for a nice dinner out at one of the many restaurants located near Cooper’s Rock.

Take a look at our cabins below and we’ll help you find the perfect cabin for a romantic weekend getaway.

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Cabin Rentals in West Virginia | Bobcat Cabin

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Cabin Rentals in West Virginia | Bobcat Cabin

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