Why are family vacations so expensive?  Families are finding it harder to go on holiday because of soaring costs. At Mountain Creek cabins, we are giving you the chance to save an insane amount of money with our cabin rentals. Ours is an all-inclusive deal for your small family, making your West Virginia trip several times more economical.

Dogs Are Family Too, Bring Them Along!

Your partner and kids need a getaway too. A family that vacations together stays together. Sadly, due to the rising costs of travel and accommodation, some parents may be tempted to leave the kids or pets at home.

Our costs are the lowest in the area, but our amenities are arguably the best. Our cabins can accommodate up to 6 people. You will have plenty of living room space, a kitchen, and a media lounge. And our all-inclusive rates will help to slash your holiday vacation costs leaving more funds for surrounding activities.

We are among the few cabin rentals that offer pet-friendly vacation lodges. Don’t leave your cats and dogs home. Reserve your stay at either Caleb Cabin or Maple Tree Cabin and enjoy our pet friendly cabin rental amenities.

Family vacations in the West Virginia Mountains never disappoint.  Everyone in the family gets to kick back and tune out of the stressful system that they have been programmed into by school or work. Our Coopers Rock cabins in WV are an ideal opportunity for this.

Travel with Your Friends

Our cabins in West Virginia are among a scenery that sets you up for beautiful memories and unique experiences. You want to be sharing that with someone.  Luckily for you, we have spacious accommodation for you and your friends.

Don’t wait to tell your friends how great your holiday went. Bring them along with you. You will save significant amounts of money when you split the costs, given that our prices are already easy on the wallet. As a result, you will have the financial freedom to try all the fantastic tours and excursions offered around Cooper’s Rock and still go back to your relaxing home away from home after the trip.

It is merrier when you travel and get lost together. You will try new things together and make memories that you can talk about long after the trip is done. Our cabins rentals in West Virginia offer a chance for all that. It’s a chance to strengthen friendships and enjoy the holidays with those you care for.

Come with Your Co-Workers

Well, going on a trip with your co-workers may not sound like fun, but it works! After your West Virginia Mountain vacation with your colleagues, you will want to have more of such trips. Here is why, even if you don’t want to admit it, your colleagues are the closest people in your life because you spend a better part of every day with them.

In any case, most friendships start at the workplace. Some marriages do as well. What you can do now to make your work relationships more meaningful is to plan a small holiday with your colleagues. It will be an excellent opportunity to relax, improve teamwork, and develop a connection beyond work. Our cabin rentals are well-equipped for that.

Tips for vacationing with co-workers in the West Virginia Mountains:

  • Choose colleagues that you collaborate a lot with on work projects
  • Come with co-workers that you actually like
  • Set boundaries and expectations
  • Compromise and experiment

Why We Are the Best for Family Vacations

If you are looking for family vacation destination ideas, the West Virginia Mountains is the place to be. For those looking for a family vacation or friendship reunion destination, we have got your back as well. Here are some of the compelling reasons to choose Coopers Rock cabins for your upcoming trip.

Spacious cabins

Some of our cabins can accommodate up to 6 guests. Smaller ones accommodate between 2 and 5 guests. You’ll have ample outdoor space, just like you would have with your home. Each cabin stands at a considerable distance from the next. You’ll also get plenty of living room space, a sizeable kitchen, a media lounge area for your relaxation, and the cozy bedrooms and bathrooms.

Comfortable living spaces

Our cabins feature sufficient and comfortable sofas for relaxation and family times. There are also fireplaces for a pleasant guest experience. Whether it is mealtime, story time, or movie time, no one will be left out.

Beautiful surroundings

You have never stayed anywhere like this. You get unhindered access to nature, and breathtaking views of what West Virginia has to offer. There is a lush forest all around. There are trails within the woods, leading to adventure and wonder. This is beauty unmatched, and the area is quiet, perfect for a peaceful family getaway or friends looking to skip the touristy destinations of the word.

You can personalize your space

We have done a great deal of making these beautiful cabin rentals a home away from home. All the lodges have fully equipped kitchens for preparing your meals. There is a gas grill for every house, fire pit, and much more.

For the time that you will be living here, this is your space. You can bring your art pieces, toys for the kids, your favorite upholstery, and anything else that you are attached to.

Plenty of fun things to do

Families can go hiking on trails near Coopers Rock. You can also indulge in free water activities at the Cheat River Gorge nearby. You could swim, practice fishing, paddle, or kayak. Adrenaline seekers can try tour package activities such as roller coaster rides, horse riding, or mountain biking. Adventurists can try geo-caching, zip-lining, water rafting, and much more.

Hot Tubs!

All our rental cabins are fitted with soothing hot tubs. After a day of exploring, you can get into the large tubs with your friends or family and soak away your stress. There is no better way to relax and unwind in the evenings then with friends, family and an unobstructed view of the nighttime starry sky. These hot tub sessions pack plenty of health benefits for everybody, and they are an excellent time to bond.

Nothing beats going on vacation with family and friends. We have cabin rentals in the West Virginia Mountains waiting for you. Make your reservation now for a vacation of a lifetime and great cost savings!