West Virginia is known for its beauty and wildlife that can be seen any day of the year. With these scenic overlooks, you’ll see why the state is often referred to as “Almost Heaven.”


Coopers Rock Main Overlook

Vacation Cabin Rentals Images - The 5 Best Views in the Northern West Virginia Mountains

Coopers Rock State Forest is 12,713 acres of forestry and wildlife. Just eight miles west of Bruceton Mills and 13 miles east of Morgantown, Coopers Rock serves as a publicly owned land for timber management, wildlife protection, and forestry research.

Morgantown locals know that Coopers Rock holds some of the most beautiful views in the state of West Virginia. Hike the trails or drive up the road that leads to the Main Overlook for a panoramic view of the Cheat River Gorge below.


Raven Rock Overlook at Coopers Rock

Vacation Cabin Rentals Images - The 5 Best Views in the Northern West Virginia Mountains

While at Coopers Rock State Forest, you’ll also have access to the Raven Rock Overlook that can be found along the Raven Rock Trail. A walk that is a little over a mile long, Raven Rock Trail starts at the Rock City shelter at Coopers Rock and connects to the Mont Chateau Trial. The Overlook provides a spectacular view of the Cheat River Gorge.

For an optimal experience, plan on hiking the multiple trails at Coopers Rock that span over 50 miles and pack a lunch to enjoy at the many picnic areas throughout the Forest. There are also fishing areas, biking access, and playgrounds for children among other attractions at Coopers Rock.


Dolly Sods Wilderness

Vacation Cabin Rentals Images - The 5 Best Views in the Northern West Virginia Mountains

Located in Tucker, Randolph, and Grant Counties of West Virginia, Dolly Sods Wilderness is 17,371 acres of preserved rocky terrain and beautiful landscape. A wilderness preservation, Dolly Sods contains a sizeable amount of drainage from the Red Creek and holds both heath and bog plants that are often seen in the southern parts of Canada. With an elevation between 2,500 feet to more than 4,700 feet, Dolly Sods has forests of laurel thickets, northern hardwoods, and red spruce tree groves.

There are plenty of activities to partake in while at the preservation such as hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and fishing. Explore the bogs of blueberry, cranberry, and moss that line the ground and take in the flora of rhododendron, azalea, and mountain laurel. You’ll also find beaver ponds near Red Creek and hiking trails made up of logging roads and old railroad grades that span across 50 miles.


Seneca Rocks

Vacation Cabin Rentals Images - The 5 Best Views in the Northern West Virginia Mountains

Seneca Rocks is one of the most visited natural sites in West Virginia. Known for its impressive views and razorback ridges, Seneca Rocks rise 900-feet above the North Fork River in Pendleton County, West Virginia.

Since the purchase of Seneca Rocks back in 1969, it has been popular among rock climbers for its beauty and difficulty. In fact, it is considered to have the only “true peak,” in the eastern United States, meaning that rock climbing technical skills are needed in order to reach the top. Rock climbers that reach the peak will have access to an incredible view.

Starting near the Seneca Rocks Discovery Center, a trail leads to a trail bridge that sits over a river and through forests of shagbark hickory, oak, redbud, and maple trees. Visitors have also been able to find iron pitons that were once hammered into the Rocks by American soldiers that trained at Seneca Rocks during World War II.


Blackwater Falls

Vacation Cabin Rentals Images - The 5 Best Views in the Northern West Virginia Mountains

Blackwater Falls is one of the most photographed locations in West Virginia. Located within Blackwater Falls State Park, Blackwater Falls flows from the eight-mile Blackwater River in the town of Davis. As the head of the Blackwater Canyon, Blackwater Falls is the highest aboveground waterfall in the state.

Visitors can see Blackwater Falls close-up by descending the 200 steps that lead to an observation deck near the Falls. The Falls often split into three portions over the massive sandstone boulders, directing water into an extended water flow or over the rocks along the Falls. Blackwater Falls is surrounded by spruce, hemlock, and various trees that offer a beautiful setting year-round. Multiple trails throughout the Park lead to access points where visitors can experience Blackwater Falls at different vantage points. Want to visit these scenic overlooks for yourself? Our cabins are just a short distance away from these beautiful landmarks!