Vacation rentals make it possible to personalize your travel experience. They are an opportunity to create a short-time residence in the wilderness on your terms. No more having hotel managers or staff dictate your vacation. No interruption to relaxation, except maybe by the soothing chatter of birds, the humming of wind in the trees, and the rhythm of rivers and waterfalls.  Welcome to Mountain Creek Cabin’s West Virginia vacation rentals.

Breathtaking Locations

West Virginia Vacation Rentals | Breathtaking Scenery on a Gold CourseThe best West Virginia vacation rentals are situated in natural and appealing surroundings. Guests should have plenty of opportunities for outdoor indulgence and exploration. That profile describes our Cooper’s Rock cabins.

These cabins located in close proximity to the Cooper’s Rock State Forest are a blend of nature and sophistication. Outside, beautiful forestry thrives with indigenous and exotic trees. There are different bird and animal species, all making for a beautiful space.

A quick drive takes you from the lodges to the famous Cooper’s Rock. The nearby Cheat River offers several relaxation activities for those that want something different from hiking. There is a mini-golf course nearby, a zip-lining site, skiing, sled riding, and other exciting outdoor adventures.

Remote Country Style Living

Our West Virginia vacation rentals offer a rustic farm style living. The tucked, and remote lodges will be an ideal opportunity to unplug, unwind, and re-set. No buzzing streets nearby, no traffic or tourist crowds that often suck the inspiration out of major world destinations. Our spot is secluded, pure, untouched, waiting for guests that desire to let loose and get lost in nature.

The Cooper’s Rock cabins are designed for privacy. Whether you are vacationing alone or with some company, you get to customize a stay that mirrors the perfect life you may have left behind. From the architectural design of the cabins to their top-quality amenities, we guarantee you a memorable vacation.

A Kitchen for Home-Cooked Meals

Home Cooked Meals | Beautiful Kitchen in Your West Virginia Vacation RentalWhy should you have to worry about gaining weight every time you travel? Our Mountain Creek cabins are an opportunity for you to dictate what you eat and when you eat. They all feature a well-equipped kitchen, including all the appliances and utensils you would need to make a successful dinner.

Preparing your meals can make a big difference—you get to enjoy your stay without worrying about gaining extra pounds. You and your significant other will love the experience of preparing meals in these kitchens, playing around with several fresh local recipes.

A Grill That Takes It to A Whole New Level

There are many West Virginia vacation rentals that feature well-equipped kitchens, but those that feature grills set the standards even higher. Many vacationers plan their trips around grilling. There are just not enough opportunities in life to kick back and barbeque some ribs in the backyard at home, old country style. We make that possible at Cooper’s Rock cabins.

Our West Virginia cabin rentals feature a gas grill at the back. This amenity is one way to spend quality time outside and prepare mouthwatering beefy treats that also save costs. Think about the amount of money that you would otherwise spend buying meals every time at a hotel restaurant—our vacation rentals with kitchens and grills will help you stay within budget. There is life waiting for you outside when the holiday is done, we understand that, and we won’t let this trip milk you dry.

Wireless Connection

Let’s face it; most of us can’t put down our phones for one minute. In our new world, vacations are not complete without Instagram, and therefore choosing a West Virginia cabin without WIFI is kind to self-torture. At Mountain Creek cabins, even though we give you an ambiance for disconnecting from the world and getting more in touch with yourself, we also provide free WIFI connectivity.

It should be the traveler’s choice whether to take a vacation from their digital life during the trip or not. If you have to access your email or chat with your friends and family back home, you will find our reliable WIFI very ideal. Not being able to do these things can turn an otherwise happy vacation into a stressful experience.

Entertainment in Your Vacation Rental

Do you like to unwind in front of the TV in the evenings? Vacation time shouldn’t come between you and your favorite TV.  After a day packed with activities and explorations, entertainment at night can be a fun way to end your day.

Our Mountain Creek properties all feature dish network TV, providing guests with a myriad of entertainment options. The media lounges in these cabins similarly have state of the art DVD players for you to watch your favorite movies in high definition.

Home Living Amenities

The primary reason you would choose a vacation rental over a hotel is so you can enjoy home living conveniences. These include the ability to do your cleaning. You can’t do laundry in a hotel room—you have to budget extra money for these services. The best vacation rentals should, therefore, have laundry amenities to make your stay a less stressful and less costly one for that matter.

If you are staying longer or are traveling with kids, consider finding a West Virginia vacation rental that’s equipped with a washer and dryer. All our Cooper’s Rock vacation rentals feature a washer and dryer. No more having to travel back home with a bag full of dirty clothes or spending more than necessary on cleaning.

Pet-Friendly Amenities

What do you do with your dog when you travel? Leave him at home, bored and surrounded by “chewable” furniture? You don’t have to do that. What makes us unique and the best in class West Virginia vacation rentals is our pet-friendly amenities. Bring along your furry friend to one of our pet-friendly cabins and let them enjoy the beautiful atmosphere with the rest of the family.

Hot Tubs

West Virginia Vacation Rentals | Cabins with Hot TubsA hot tub is what it takes to transform your stay into a luxurious or romantic getaway. You will appreciate the relaxation enabled by our outdoor hot tubs. Picture you and your loved one cozying up in these spas in the chill of the night, staring at stars, sipping champagne and enjoying every minute of your stay.

Let hundreds of air bubbles massage away your stress, soothe your aches, and activate your feel-good hormones. You will get to spend more time with your loved one and keep warm even in the coldest of months. These hot tubs not only help in relaxation and healing but also light the sparks of your romance, setting the stage for unforgettable evenings.


Speaking of sparks and romantic fireworks, why would anyone choose a vacation rental with no fireplace? Nothing beats cozying up near the flames with your loved ones on a chilly evening. Fireplaces are an excellent way to bond, converse, share laughter, sip something bubbly and let relaxation or romance consume you.

Our Cooper’s Rock lodges in West Virginia feature an electric or gas fireplace. These amenities are well kept and super functional. They are something for travelers to look forward to in the evenings.

At Mountain Creek cabins, we have left nothing to chance. We have gone the full mile with each of these amenities, no cutting corners. We have been preparing for your next visit for a long time, and everything’s now in place. Trust us to deliver. Make your reservation now.