Lodges in West Virginia promise the seventh heaven. True, the West Virginia Mountains are an ideal vacation spot. The environment flourishes with nature’s beauty and dozens of outdoor activities for fun and relaxation. But vacationers often find a glaring disconnect between reality and the amenities that many of the cabins promise. At Mountain Creek Cabins, we deliver what we promise.

Limitless Attractions Around Us

Vacation Lodge Activities | People Rafting in WaterOne thing you will appreciate more about our Cooper’s Rock cabins is that they place you right in the center of the action for outdoor fun and exploration. We are in the wild mountain country. We give you a vantage point to explore and marvel at some of the most beautiful natural attractions on the East Coast.

Near our cabins is the Cooper’s Rock forest, which is thousands of acres of trees and wildlife habitats. There are dozens of trails traversing up and down these woods. Rock climbing at Cooper’s Rock is a popular activity for West Virginia vacationers. Our cabins are a quick drive away from this viewing site that provides breathtaking panoramas of the whole forest and mountains.

The Cheat River Gorge is a beautiful place to cool down and tune out of the stress from your busy life. The massive water reservoir has multiple access points for the public. You could relax with your family for a picnic or quench your thirst for adrenaline with water sports. This spot is synonymous with activities such as water skiing, fishing, and swimming.

Other outdoor activities around our cabins include

  • Hiking and mountain biking
  • Geocaching
  • Waterfalls exploration
  • Rail trails exploration
  • Winery tours
  • Water slides
  • And much more…

Lodges in West Virginia are located in beautiful locations, but we provide more than that. At Mountain Creek Cabins, we know what you want from your vacation, and we have taken steps to ensure that you get what you require with our amenities.

Privacy and Personalization

Our Cooper’s Rock cabins offer privacy away from the clutter of everyday life. Cabins aren’t clustered tightly together, but instead, offer you and your family a nice amount of space between your cabin and the neighbors’. That’s one reason why our West Virginia lodges are the best option for couples that want a romantic getaway in a secluded setting. They are also ideal for city dwellers that are badly in need of a break and some space.

The other advantage with the rental vacation lodges is that you get the freedom to personalize your space for the time that you will be there. You can make our cabins your home away from home. Bring your dog if you want, we have pet-friendly cabins like Maple Tree Cabin and Caleb Cabin available. Bring other comforts that define you, including upholstery, art, and that lucky pillow!

Home-Like Comforts

A well-equipped kitchen

Very few travelers get a chance to eat home-cooked meals when they are on holiday. That often comes with significant consequences financially and in terms of weight management.  Our West Virginia Mountain lodges come with fully equipped kitchens so that you can prepare your meals. You will get to stay healthy and enjoy your holiday without worrying about overspending.

A gas grill

Hot dogs and hamburgers!  Ah, that sounds like summer. We have a gas grill at each of our lodges so you can put your barbeque skills to the test. Gas grills are easier to handle, with no hassle involving charcoal or wood. All you have to do is light them like you would light your stove at home.

TVs and media lounge

When you are browsing through what lodges in West Virginia have to offer, media amenities are one of the critical things to consider. You want somewhere to recline and get entertained in the evenings after a day of exploration and after satiating your wanderlust. You also want to watch the news and stay abreast of the world.

We have got you covered. All our Mountain Creek cabins feature a flat-screen “smart” TV and Wi-Fi capabilities. You can expect a perfect place to kick back and keep up with your favorite news programs or shows. You can also bring your extensive Blue Ray movie library and put the DVD player to good use.

Beautiful and comfortable living room

We promise you an excellent space for relaxation at our rental lodges in West Virginia. The indoor environment is neatly designed. The architecture is vintage and rustic. There is a comfortable living area for you and your family to relax and share a drink and laughter.

Vacation Lodges in West Virginia | Logs Burning in a FireplaceFireplace

There is no better way for vacationers to conclude a day than by sitting at the fireplace. Lovebirds can get cozy here and make memories. Families can stay warm here and share stories late into the night.

Guaranteed Necessities

Spacious bedrooms

You will get a neat bedroom with a view. Our cabins accommodate 3 – 6 guests, depending on your choice of reservation. You can come as a family, as a group of friends or as a couple. You will have a secluded space and private rooms.

The queen-sized beds are cozily laid out. The beddings are clean and comfortable, featuring warm blankets, fluffy pillows, and soft mattresses.

When you sleep in these rooms, you will wake up feeling like a new person in the morning. In other words, we have designed our bedroom amenities to help with your fatigue, exhaustion, insomnia, worries, and other things that trouble your sleep.

Ideal bathroom amenities

Our bathrooms are spacious enough to accommodate multiple people. They are clean and promote high standards of hygiene. You can expect to have all toiletries and cleaning accessories and appliances.

Extras and Conveniences


Not so many lodges in West Virginia offer guest free WIFI, but we do. Many think that because guests come to this remote location, they don’t need a connection to the world. We know better. We can accommodate digital nomads that need to catch up with work on a holiday.

We can also accommodate vacationers that need to communicate with loved ones at home and those that need to keep their social media platforms active. Our WIFI, though not as fast as what you may have at home/work, will not disappoint.

One Other Excellent Offering for You

We have one exclusive amenity that will take your vacation to a whole new level. Hint: it involves hot water massages and rejuvenation in the beautiful outdoors.

Hot Tubs!

Vacation Lodges in WV | Outdoor Hot Tub You guessed, right. We aim for your highest relaxation and unique experiences when you choose to stay at our vacation rentals in West Virginia. For that reason, we have fitted a hot tub outside each of our cabins.

You can relax here with your loved one at the end of the day, enjoy the warm water and stare at the stars. You can augment the experience with a bottle of wine and some other romantic ideas that come to mind.

Even if you are a solo traveler, hot tubs enhance our health in significant ways. They will help with your fatigue, reduce back pain, lower your blood pressure, relieve your stress, and much more.

Welcome to our Mountain Creek Lodges in West Virginia. Whatever we promise, we deliver. Make a reservation now.