Whether you are itching for a winter retreat, a spring getaway or a summer trip, you deserve a cabin out of the ordinary. An ideal vacation rental should provide a memorable experience for you and your loved ones. Everything matters, from location to the outdoor and indoor amenities. Here are the essentials you should require from your vacation rental.

Vacation Rental Expectations: Serene Location

The best components of a vacation getaway include a little fresh air and stunning vistas. Most people work in jobs that confine them indoors every day from nine to five. If that profile describes you, by the time the holidays come around, you will be craving for sunshine and the beauty of nature.

Vacation rentals with beauty just outdoors are often super relaxing. The best cabins are located up the smoky mountains, near national parks, in the forests, and on waterfronts. Such abodes give you an opportunity for one on one interaction with nature, rejuvenation, and adventure.

Beautiful Outdoors

Vacation Rental | Beautiful Outdoor SceneryBesides the natural beauty of the home’s surroundings, its immediate environs need to be attractive too. If you are like many vacationers today, you will be waiting for the “instagrammable” moments around your rental holiday home. Couples will be looking for a relaxing and romantic atmosphere while adrenaline junkies will be looking for excitement without necessarily going to hunt for adventure.

Must have features, therefore, include lush gardens with comfortable seats for lounging, reading, or romancing. A swimming pool can also come in handy to cool off on those hot afternoons. Sun protection, such as cabanas are also necessary to shield you from direct sunlight. A hammock, a couch, or sun lounges are other outdoor amenities worth having for a truly relaxing vacation.

Additional outdoor requirements in vacation rentals include:

  • Outdoors games
  • Private pool or hot tub
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Ample parking space
  • Barbeque

Rustic Living Areas with Full Entertainment

Just because you are out in the woods doesn’t mean that you have to be a caveman. You deserve pampering and comfort. The best vacation rentals will give you a taste of high life even in the remotest of locations. The living areas should be warm and cozily furnished with enough sofas and lounges and five star everything.

Ask for pristine and expertly designed living areas with high pedigree architecture. The interior décor should be inspiring and well-polished. Some nights you also might want a media lounge to catch up with a movie to immerse yourself into thrillers, legends, and myths.

A vacation home with a dependable sound system can also crank up your trip. You might want HD sound when enjoying your movie night or when chilling out in the gardens during the day.

For an internet user, WI-FI is of prime importance. Off the grid shouldn’t mean an inability to connect to the outside world when you want to. That is unless, of course, you want a technological getaway. Not many can survive without the cloud, and if you are part of the majority, WI-FI is a must-have amenity wherever you plan to go this vacation.

Other essential living area amenities in a vacation home include:

  • Attractive lighting
  • Children toys, crayons, and books
  • Guidebooks and local maps
  • Electrical outlets, extension cords, and chargers

Gourmet Kitchen and Dining Areas

Vaction Rental | Gourmet Kitchen and Dining AreasYou and your friends and family should be able to sit down for a meal comfortably. Your trip could go awry if one or two of your family members or friends miss a chair at the dining table. It should have easy to find items that you need for a smooth dining experience.

It would also be ideal to find a vacation rental whose kitchen is rightly stocked with every appliance you would need for your culinary undertakings, from cookware to bakeware, silverware, glassware, and cutlery.

Lavish Bedroom and Amenities

The best vacation rentals should enable you to sleep like you were in your own home, or better. A comfortable night at a vacation rental is made of high-quality bedding and plump pillows. Bedside outlets, tables, and drawers should also be on your checklist.

Complete Bathroom Amenities

The bathroom should be decent and designed for the modern traveler. You should be able to enjoy relaxation with rightly designed bathtubs and showers. Some holiday homes include alfresco showers with a semi-outdoor appeal.

Easy Accessibility in Your Vacation Rental

No matter how remotely located, the vacation rental should be easily accessible. The property should be easy to navigate as well, between the outdoors, the living areas, the bedrooms, and other places. You should similarly be able to check-in at the holiday home at any time. The process should be easy, automated, and fast.

Personal Concierge Services

You should be able to get personalized guest services, including housekeeping upon request. These services can make the difference between a balmy experience and a comfortable villa that you would want to visit again.

Vacation Rental | Tours & ActivitiesTours and Activities

Premier vacation rentals help their guests to plan daily itineraries. They provide assistance and recommendations on local attractions and link you up with trusted tour companies. The vacation rentals should also offer an array of outdoor activities include planned hiking trips, sightseeing, or biking.

Kid-friendly Atmosphere

If you are vacationing with your kids, it would be ideal to find a vacation home that has child-friendly amenities and facilities. From baby pools outdoors to baby cutleries and plates and cribs and toddler beds, these inclusions can save you from a packing nightmare.

Pet-friendly Necessities

If you can’t go anywhere without your pets, try to find a vacation rental that readily accommodates them, not all do. Some vacation homeowners have the right to decide which pets to allow in their properties, and most will have a “pet fee”. Nothing makes you feel more at home then bringing your “faithful friend” right along with you. Stay at one of our “pet-friendly” cabin rentals and let your four-legged friend enjoy the vacation rental along with yourself.

Choosing where to stay for your vacation can be a challenging task. Vacation rentals are not created equal. The best vacation rentals will give you the escape you deserve with exceptional amenities, privacy, and pampering, but others will throw a monkey wrench into your trip. What you ask for is what you’ll receive.

Mountain Creek Cabins takes all of this into consideration and we’ve done the research to determine what our guests expect from our vacation rentals and make sure to have amenities available and accessible. Reserve with us now to get all you expect from your vacation rental.