How close have you been to the West Virginia Mountains? Our Mountain Creek rental cabins are very near to this natural wonder. You can get out of bed and put your skiing or snowboarding skills to the test. You can spend time indoors and still miss nothing of the rugged beauty, forestry, and other charms that Mother Nature has for you on these mountains. Staying at your Mountain Creek ski rental will be exciting and exhilarating beyond what you can imagine.

What’s Waiting at Your Mountain Creek Ski Rental?

Nature, lots of it

Mountain Creek Ski Rental | Forest NatureEvery view at your Mountain Creek ski rental will be a vantage point for accessing the most amazing sights of nature. West Virginia is known for its rolling mountains and greenery, and these come rolling before your eyes at our Cooper’s Rock vacation rentals. In just a short drive you can find yourself on top of Cooper’s Rock to witness the magic of creation before your eyes—endless mountainous landscapes, captivating plant life and birds of all species.

You won’t even have to go on a hike to bear witness to all these picture-perfect attractions. Nearby is Cheat Lake where you can relax and enjoy the calm of the waters. You will get a chance to jump in for a quick swim or borrow a kayak to turn your adrenaline gear a notch higher.

There are also waterfalls, and extensive forests of red spruce teaming with several animal species. These sights are calming and centering. They remind you of how beautiful a place the world can be and make you more appreciative of life.

Endless outdoor activities

Hiking, swimming, and kayaking are automatic must-dos when you get to your Mountain Creek ski rental. The benefits of these activities are countless, from satiating your wanderlust to building up those muscles so you can go back to work a super healthy individual. The fresh air offers a much-needed break from the cities’ air filled with pollutants.

Mountain Creek Ski Rental | West Virginia SkiingHowever, let’s cut to the chase of what you’re really here for, skiing! Travelers come to Mountain Creek for many other reasons, but skiing is the common denominator in the time between December and March. Once you get settled at your Mountain Creek ski rental, numerous ski trails are nearby and waiting for you. They are of varying difficulty levels. So, rally up your sweetheart or go solo for the calorie-burning endeavor within the beautiful scenery of West Virginia.

Sled riding could be perfect if you desire to sample winter’s beauty without necessarily spending lots of energy. This spot excites the inner child in everyone. Dog sledding is similarly a must-try, and there are plenty of opportunities for it at your Mountain Creek ski rental.

A horse-drawn sleigh ride is another cool romantic idea. Just be sure to bring some blankets so you can stay cozy as you enjoy the ride on the snow. The experience is otherworldly, and the chill may be the catalyst needed to fan the blazes of romance.

When the winter is done, your Mountain Creek Ski Rental will still put you close to the center of the action so you can take part in:

These activities surely do not sum all the adventures, sites, and experiences that West Virginia hides beneath its canopied mountains. Do not even create an itinerary, because there is so much more to do. Come to your Mountain Creek ski rental and expect to be spontaneous.

Quiet, peace and relaxation

Some travelers chase after adventure. For many others, peace, quiet, and relaxation is the anatomy of their travel bug. Hands down, West Virginia Mountains outperform any other place you would name for adventurists, but that’s not all there is to this place.

Your Mountain Creek Ski rental puts you in a quiet and isolated location. Making these cabins your temporary home is be good for your escape. It’s an opportunity to break free from the matrix of life, morning traffic, emails, annoying bosses, bills, and similar entrapments.  Your cabin rental will be the place to let your spirit free, to relax and watch your worries melt away.

Beautiful nature, you must concur, is an essential ingredient for the healing of the soul mind and body. As mentioned before, the mountains, the trees, and lakes near our Cooper’s Rock cabins will help to keep you centered. They will throw you into a calm and meditative state and remind you that life is a blessing.

So, looking forward to a relaxing trip? There will be many opportunities for unwinding. You could stay within and let the birds serenade away your worries. You could take a walk in the enchanting forestry and enjoy the fresh air and sites. You could get to the waterfall and sit on a patch of nature to stare at the beautiful phenomenon or down by the lake for a mindful session. And you should definitely strap up your skis, gain some elevation and make the most of your Mountain Creek ski rental.

Comfort and warmth

Comfort and Warmth | Mountain Creek Ski RentalAll year round, your Mountain Creek Ski rental is made ready for guests like you. From the architecture to the furniture, your living quarters are well kept and cozy. Both the interiors and exteriors are ideal for guests who deserve a flawless vacation experience.

There are plenty of comfy lounges and seats in the living space of your Mountain Creek ski rental. You can share laughter and a bottle of wine in these spaces. An included gas fireplace will keep you warm despite the cold outside. You and your loved one can cozy up to this warmth as you think of other ideas for the night.

If those ideas should include a movie, soap opera or something similar, we have plans for you. There is a media lounge adjacent to the living room. Here you will find a widescreen HD TV with a dish network connection. You can catch up with the news or other TV shows here. Or simply turn on some sounds of ambience and relax.

There is also a WIFI connection set up for you so you can take the time to share your beautiful pictures of your vacation on Instagram or catch up with your family on video chat.

There is a bed with your name(s) on it

Since scientists say that humans sleep for a third of their lifetime, we have taken extensive measures to make sure that your dream world in the WV Mountains is equally beautiful and comfy.  You will spend your night on a lavishly designed queen-sized bed and fluffy pillows that is designed to promote bliss. You will wake up in the morning feeling like a new individual.

Hot tub sessions to cap the night

Before you hit the hay, you should try the hot tub. Not so many vacation rentals go this far in pampering their guests, but we do. The hot tub, located outside on the deck under the beautiful sky or nighttime stars, should help you relax after a long day of exploring the mountains. Since each of our cabins in this locale are privately distanced from each other, you shouldn’t worry about prying eyes. Get comfortable. Enjoy some warm aqua massage, sip some Chardonnay, and get in the mood for romance.

Homemade meals

Our Cooper’s Rock Mountain Cabins have well-equipped kitchens to facilitate your culinary endeavors. There is even a grill at the back should you feel like barbecue. This home appeal is what keeps guests coming back.

Other ways we plan on making your stay an enjoyable one includes:

  • A well-equipped bathroom
  • Pet-friendly spaces (specific cabins)
  • Personal services; planning for trips, tours, chauffeuring, laundry and others
  • Dryer and washer for your own cleaning

Don’t just read it! Come & see it for yourself! We have everything, and the location of your Mountain Creek ski rental is very near what many call the Mountain Heaven. Make a reservation here.