It’s true, finding a beautiful yet affordable log cabin rental in West Virginia is rare, but you are reading this, so you have proved it is not impossible to find. Mountain Creek Cabins offers some of the most adorable, functional yet inexpensive log cabin rentals in West Virginia, and we are proud of it!

When most daydream of spending some time in seclusion, surrounded by nature in an amazing forest, usual right in the middle of that vision, is a log cabin, complete with smoke flowing from a chimney. We have designed our log cabin rentals in West Virginia to represent that dream and we’ve done a great job at it.

What Do Log Cabins in West Virginia Have to Offer?

Our log cabin rentals are not only beautiful and inexpensive, but they also offer an arsenal of amenities created to make your log cabin stay a memory that you’ll keep and share for a lifetime. So, what are these amenities? Let’s start with the log cabin itself. We’ve designed a perfect home away from home scenario in each of our cabins and they are equipped to meet your requirements.

Full Kitchens for Homemade Meals

The kitchens in each of our log cabins in West Virginia can possibly make your own kitchen back at home green with envy. All the accessories you need to enjoy a fabulous cabin-cooked meal is included and ready for use upon arrival. The kitchen is clean, organized, and fully functional.

And if you’d like a little more nature surrounding you as you prepare meals, enjoy the gas grill outside the cabin and get some flames broiling! When it’s time to wind down for the evening, some of our cabin rentals in West Virginia also are equipped with fire-pits. So, make sure to pack your marshmallows!

Modernized Media Center Addition

While many use log cabins as an excuse to break away from technology and world events, some use vacationing as a chance to get more of it. We have you covered. Our log cabin rentals all include a media center. We provide the large HD TV, Dish Network, and DVD capabilities and you just supply the popcorn.

Quality of Life Accessories

Sometimes, we are so caught up in the maelstrom of packing and getting ready for our vacation that we forget some essential necessities. Don’t worry, we thought ahead for you. Our log cabins in West Virginia provide a washer & dryer, hairdryer, toiletries, and most of the requirements you need to not pause your vacation to retrieve them. If we don’t have it available, the shopping centers are just a short distance from your cabin and will also offer you a chance of seeing what the Cooper’s Rock surrounding area has to offer.

Are There Any Chances for Romances?

That is our specialty! Our log cabin rentals in West Virginia are big enough for a small family but are perfectly made for couples! If the scenery or beauty of the cabin itself is not enough to spark those flames of love, we have no doubt that the hot tubs included in every log cabin outdoors, under the nighttime sky, will be sure to do the trick! After the hot tub, relaxing in front of one of our gas or electric log fireplaces will undoubtedly remove any barricades to romance.

What About Activities. Anything Fun to Do?

Now we’re asking all the right questions here. Our log cabin rentals in West Virginia are just a short distance away from the Cooper’s Rock mountains, which is surrounded by activities of all sorts for your vacationing pleasure. From extreme sports to some relaxing swings of a golf club. Enjoy ziplining, hiking, or take a short trip to the Cheat River and float upon a canoe or kayak.

The list goes on. This is not a vacation you can try once and see all. You will become a fan of all these available activities, and we can be sure you will return for more. Some other activities include:

  • Horseback Riding
  • Bird Watching
  • Boating
  • Skiing & Snowboarding
  • Train Rides
  • Swimming
  • Rock Climbing
  • and so much more…

Sounds Great! Wish My Dog Could Enjoy the Cabin Rental

Wish granted! We have two special log cabin rentals in West Virginia that are designed with man’s (and woman’s) best friend in mind! Our Caleb Cabin and Maple Trees Cabins are our special pet-friendly cabin rentals in West Virginia. Walking through forests and enjoying hikes just wouldn’t be the same without your furry companion beside you, so bring him/her along and you can both enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

How Do I Get a Log Cabin Rental in West Virginia?

A very easy question deserves a very easy answer. Mountain Creek Cabins! View our gallery of log cabin rentals in West Virginia and decide on our handy reservation tool when you’d like to stay with us. We have a two-day minimum and our cabins can sleep from 2 – 5 guests. Send your inquiries about our cabins or your reservation through our contact page and we will reply expediently.

We’d love for you to join us and take advantage of what true relaxation feels like. We have a fireplace, full kitchen, gas grill, media center, and a bubbling outdoor hot tub, all with your name on them.