After a wedding full of magic, friends, family, and expenses, it is sometimes hard to imagine being able to afford a romantic honeymoon afterward. If you are near or planning to travel to the Cooper’s Rock area, you will find that romantic, affordable honeymoon cabins in West Virginia do exist.

What Does A Good Honeymoon Cabin In West Virginia Look Like?

For most, just finding an affordable honeymoon location is simply not enough. A room can be rented anywhere, but what makes honeymoon cabins in West Virginia special? At Mountain Creek Cabins, pictures can truly speak a thousand words. You can see from our gallery of cabins that our lodges are beautiful yet simple. The surrounding forest adds to the sense of peace and tranquility, while there is just the right number of accessories within the cabin to let you tear away from technology without sacrificing necessity.

When renting one of our romantic honeymoon cabins in West Virginia, you can be sure that one of the first memories in your new marriage will include beautiful scenery, shared with your loved one, possibly in the outdoor hot tub or just grilling in the back yard. It’s almost impossible to not create memories filled with beauty in the time you stay at our cabin rentals.

What Should Romantic Honeymoon Cabins In West Virginia Offer?

When deciding on where to spend your romantic honeymoon, there are certain requirements you should expect from your cabin rental. And we make sure our honeymoon cabins in Wes Virginia meet and exceed those expectations.

A Chance to Connect in Seclusion

For example, it’s obvious that providing a disconnect from the world so you can focus on your new love is paramount. Our cabins provide a decent amount of space between you and your neighbors so you can feel secluded in your perfect setting.

A Home Away from Home Feeling

From the kitchen appliances to the comfy bedroom, our cabins are designed to help you feel at home. Everything you need to enjoy a romantic dinner or a relaxing nighttime movie is within reach. Bathrooms are spacious and offer privacy all while revealing the lush landscape. Accessories such as hair dryers and toiletries are included so you can pack light.

Activities Near Honeymoon Cabins in West Virginia

While most couples may not get a chance to get out of the bedroom much, let alone outside the cabin itself, for those who want to share some excitement with their loved ones, our honeymoon cabins in West Virginia are surrounded by activities that are perfect for newlyweds. Just a short distance away from your cabin you’ll find plenty to do, such as:

The #1 Reason for Our Honeymoon Cabins… Hot Tubs!

A honeymoon without a hot tub is like… a cake with no icing. Yes, it is still good…but it could be SO much better! Not only do all of our honeymoon cabins in West Virginia include spacious hot tubs, but they are each located outdoors where you can enjoy the nighttime sky with your sweetheart as you sip something bubbly. After enjoying some of the surrounding activities, there is absolutely no better way to unwind than one of our steaming outdoor hot tubs.

Our Cabin Rentals Promise Comfort and Entertainment

Most couples will spend the majority of their honeymoon sharing the many adventures the surrounding activities offer during their entire stay. Yet, others may never step foot outside the cabin’s front door the moment they enter. For these “in-house lovers” we have prepared our cabins to keep you entertained and relaxed and never with a regret of not leaving the premises.

Comfortable, Neat Furniture

A feature common in the memories of successful honeymoons is the fireplace. We’ve realized this requirement and made sure to include a gas or electric log fireplace in each of our honeymoon cabin rentals in West Virginia. The vintage wood furniture adds to the comfort and ambiance of romance before the fire. Lay down a rug, grab two glasses and the wine, and make your own, memorable moment.

Wireless Capabilities

While the Wi-Fi here in this secluded forest isn’t the best for Fortnite gaming, it is absolutely perfect for not getting too disconnected while you are…connecting. So, you can feel comfortable knowing that, although you are invisible to the outside world, you can get back to it at the press of a digital button.

Did We Mention the Media?

You can always take the old-fashioned route to romance with dinner and a movie. Get some popcorn, popped and cuddle up in front of the widescreen HD TV, equipped with Dish Network, and get lost in the adventure, comedy, and/or romance. Make use of the included DVD player and the opportunities for romance in our honeymoon cabins in West Virginia are endless.

Where Do I Find Honeymoon Cabins in West Virginia?

We have an easy answer to that question there. You can find the most romantic, adorable, cozy, and affordable honeymoon cabins in West Virginia at Mountain Creek Cabins, near Cooper’s Rock. We have variously sized and priced cabin rentals for either you and your loved one or even the rest of the family. Some of our cabins are pet-friendly and all offer a fireplace, media center, and an outdoor hot tub with a view of the stars included. Call us at (304) 379-7548 or Contact Us for any inquiries or simply make your reservation. We’d be excited and proud if you chose us for your honeymoon cabin rental destination.