Cabin rentals are the best choice if you are looking to vacation in style. They offer privacy, adventure, and escape. It’s a chance to enjoy additional amenities like fireplaces, gourmet kitchens, and media lounges in a nostalgically rustic atmosphere. But after the hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, and other fun-packed activities, your muscles will be aching for pampering. That’s why cabins with hot tubs offer much more than those without.

Cabins with Hot Tubs in West Virginia

Cabins with Hot Tubs | Black Bear Cabin RentalWest Virginia, with its hundreds of acres of national forest, beautiful rivers, and the Rocky Mountains, is a prominent holiday hot spot. There are limitless opportunities for fun and relaxation. Lovers of nature will relish the miles of trails, the waterfalls, and the alluring forestry. But when you are looking to kick back at home after a long day of touring, you would want your cabin with a hot tub, preferably with a beautiful scenery on display.

Mountain Creek Cabins are luxurious vacation homes. They feature fantastic amenities, from decks with unbelievable views to fireplaces, fully equipped kitchens, and more. Ours are some of the only cabins that offer an authentic country-style living with modern comforts.

Why You Should Browse Cabins with Hot Tubs

A chance to soak away your cares

For many, after days of being a ‘desk-jockey,’ there is no way you would want to stay indoors on your trip. Most would rather spend their days on hiking trails of varying complexities, skiing, geocaching, or rafting. If you push your limits in these activities, you might be a little sore at the end of the day.

Thankfully, a cabin with a hot tub offers you a chance to recharge. These amenities are pretty enjoyable and leave you calm and relaxed. The combination of buoyancy and hot water helps to relieve pressure in the joints and increase blood circulation to your muscles. The hot water jets also provide a therapeutic rub down that will stimulate the release of feel-good hormones.

Drink in the beautiful panorama for ultimate relaxation

At least that can be said of our Mountain Creek cabin rentals in West Virginia. The hot tubs are located outside on the decks. In this elevation, you will have unhindered views of the beautiful nature around as the hot water soothes away your worries. The combination of hot water therapy and stunning vistas boosts the mind, the body, and the spirit. If you are enjoying a nighttime soak, the unhindered view of the stars will allow your imagination to break free of worldly constraints.

You can drink in the views of the mountains in their dynamic colors or let your mind wander to the picture-perfect deciduous trees in the immediate backdrop. Birds will be chirping, the streams will be murmuring a drowsy lullaby, and the air will be fresh as you bathe in the beautiful sunset. When you step out of the hot tub, you will feel like a new human being.

You can share that wonderful moment with your loved ones

There is an undeniable magic to sharing hot tub moments on vacation. If you are on a romantic trip, hot tub sessions will be the spark to ignite your passion. For friends and family, nothing brings people closer than hot tub sessions. That is why you should find cabins with hot tubs for your upcoming WV trip.

Mountain Creek cabins’ hot tubs are spacious, sitting up to four people. In your daily undertakings, you and your loved ones carry the weight of gravity on your shoulders. With our spacious hot tubs, you will have the opportunity to fully immerse and be free even if just for a brief moment.

Privacy and romance

Hotels and condos may have hot tubs too, but none of them will afford you all the relaxation with the privacy you deserve. The beauty of cabins with hot tubs is that your neighbors are far away in other secluded homes. You will have the luxury, therefore, of indulging without prying eyes or the constant fear of the same. It’s no wonder then that the Mountain Creek cabins appeal to couples celebrating honeymoons and anniversaries.

Romantic fun ideas at Cooper’s Rock cabins with hot tubs

Make a Cabins with Hot Tubs Rental Romantic | Champagne Bottles

  • Light up some candles and bring refreshments
  • Turn on relaxing music
  • Open up a bottle of champagne
  • Enjoy a relaxing rubdown
  • Playful splashing and foreplay

With cabin rentals, there is no sharing space with strangers like in hotels. Your neighbor will be in another cabin in an equally secluded area. Such privacy will be a breath of fresh air from the norm, affording you some quality ‘me-time’ or even ‘we-time’ moments which is a chance to strengthen bonds with your loved ones.

Hot Tubs Will Help You Sleep Like A Baby

Insomnia is always to be expected whenever you change the environment, but with the relaxation made possible with the hot tub session in our cabins, you will sleep fast. You won’t have to count to 1000 to fall asleep anymore!

Science proves that soaking in a hot tub in the evenings helps with sleeping problems. On your trip, even if you are not a troubled sleeper, the exhausting explorative activities during the day could render your nights restless. But by immersing yourself in the warm water and letting the jets work on you, you will sleep deeper and through the night when you go to bed.

Hot Tub Sessions Lower Blood Sugar Levels and Promote Weight Loss

Staying at cabins with hot tubs is a healthy choice. Apart from the luxurious indulgence, hot water therapy simulates the health benefits of exercise. A daily session in the hot tubs could help to reduce your blood sugar levels by a significant margin, according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Also, for the thought of gaining weight on your trip appalls you, cabins with hot tubs can quell your worries.  There is limitless indulgence on vacations, that is true, but you don’t have to go back home out of shape. Clinical studies show that hot tub sessions can help you reduce weight by about 3.5 pounds without any exercise. How cool is that!

A solution for self-esteem and personal confidence

How about having both an adventure and wellness trip wrapped up into one? You can spend your days connecting back with nature, and your evenings journeying back to your true self. Hot tubs can help with the later. They inspire wellness of the mind and body.

When you immerse yourself in a spa bath at our Cooper’s Rock cabins, all your bad energy dissipates. Positive vibes thrive, and you instantly feel better. Surprisingly, that is not a temporary feeling. The positive feelings often spiral into long-lasting self-assuredness and cool-headedness that you can take back home with you.

An antidote for anxiety

You might not be a naturally mindful person, or perhaps you dismiss all that as eastern philosophy mumbo jumbo. What if you were able to reap the benefits of mindfulness without even trying? That’s right. A hot tub session, and in the backdrop of beautiful landscapes like those on Mountain Creek, drags you into a meditative state of mind where all anxiety dissipates.  You can:

  • Chill with a romantic or thriller novel as you soak
  • Crank up some Blake Shelton or Bobby Watson
  • Host a hot tub party or
  • Simply admire the stars

Mountain Creek Cabins with hot tubs are the real deal. If you think that such holiday homes are expensive, you will be surprised at how affordable the Mountain Creek lodges are. Go to our reservation page now to find out.