Do you have to leave your pets at home when you head off for vacation? It’s not safe for them, and it can be extremely worrying for you during your trip. At Mountain Creek Cabins in West Virginia, you don’t have to stress about pets. Our pet-friendly cabin rental is perfect for you.

We Are Located in A Pet-Friendly Destination

Pet-Friendly Cabins | Pet Firendly DestinationYou and your furry friend can conquer a hike together. Our pet friendly cabin rentals are located near the Cooper’s Rock forest. You will have the opportunity to follow pet-friendly hiking trails around Cooper’s Rock, the Cheat River, or the waterfalls.

There are beautiful rock formations all around you in this location. The forestry, on the other hand, thrives with several indigenous and exotic trees, bird species, and other wildlife. All you need is a leash for your dog, and both of you can indulge in exciting serendipity.

You can take your furry friend down for a splash in the river or take them on a kayak or paddle boarding. If your pet is people-friendly, you can take him to a nearby restaurant or picnic park. Whatever attractions you decide to explore, be sure to pack some snacks for your dog, and refreshments for yourself.

We Have Enough Space Both Indoors and Outdoors

Do you want to play Frisbee, hide and seek, or other games with your dog?  We have the right outdoor space for that. Those traveling with pets will find endless ways to have fun in these secluded areas. These are leash-free play areas because your neighbor is far away. Your whole family can enjoy pet activities outside these cabins.

Our Pet-Friendly Requirements Are Easy

You don’t have to abide by hundreds of rules when you stay with your pet at Caleb Cabin or Maple Tree Cabin. Our policies champion your comfort and the pet’s safety during the stay.

Pet requirements include:

  • The pet should be clean without fleas
  • Should not be aggressive
  • Should have been recently vaccinated before the trip
  • Owners should clean pet wastes and dispose of in the designated areas
  • After your outdoor explorations, you might want to clean your pet’s paws before letting it enter the cabins

There is a big difference between hotels and us; we offer you a real home from home. You are in charge of what you do with your pet when you get here, from cleaning to feeding and general care.

Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Pet at Home


Comfort and safety

Who takes care of your pet when you are on vacation? If you don’t have that sorted out, you can bring them with you. At Cooper’s Rock cabin rentals, you will feel like home and are free to bring the necessities your furry family member needs to feel the same.

Happiness for you and him

Happiness is probably the number one reason you keep pets. These little furry creatures have a way of making even the most stressful of days seem like it never happened. They might be your closest companions or service animals for differently-abled persons. You miss out on all these perks when you go on vacation without your pet.

Pets need a vacation too

Pet Friendly Cabin Rentals | Pet and Owner on VacationDogs and cats can go crazy and hyper if kept cooped up for long. It happens to humans as well. In the same way, you need a regular vacation to escape from the exhausting routines of life, your dog or cat could use a getaway too.

Our pet friendly cabin rentals are especially helpful if you need more time to bond with your animal. It helps to make up for the times that you went off to work, leaving them at home all day.

Give them the kind of nature walk they deserve. Let them smell new smells in the forest and relax in a new environment with their best friend…you.

Reduce your dog’s destructive behavior

When pets get bored, we all know how destructive they can be. Our Cooper’s Rock pet friendly cabin rentals are a chance for the pets to get out of the home and have a new and stimulating experience.  The vacation will help to kill boredom and anxiety.

Remember also, when pets don’t get exercise, they can get very restless and reckless. Why not bring them with you for a hike, a swim, and other adrenaline-packed activities.  Your pets need this vacation for their health.

You can relax with your pet close by

It can be hard to truly relax on vacation if you have to worry about the pet you left at home. Our Cooper’s Rock cabin rentals allow you to stay with your pet. You can keep a watchful eye on their activities and their health. You get to remain in charge of their safety too.

Even as that happens, you will realize that our amenities make it easier for you to enjoy your stay undisturbed. From the outdoor hot tubs and surrounding activities, to indoor comforts and delights, we guarantee that you will have a memorable West Virginia vacation.

If you love your pet, don’t let vacation pull you apart. Let us bring you together. At Mountain Creek cabins, you are guaranteed a safe and comfortable stay with your pet. Make your reservation now for the best pet friendly cabins in West Virginia.