Cabin rentals in West Virginia, provided by Mountain Creek Cabins, are located deep in the mountains and are a rare blend of nature and sophisticated hospitality. We have more than 8 homes to choose from, all offering limitless opportunities to unplug from the tiring matrix of life and into rejuvenation. In these quiet surroundings, you will reconnect with your deepest desires and get on a new uncluttered path of life’s journey.

Cabin Rentals in West Virginia: Beautiful Location

Cabin Rentals in West Virginia | Beautiful LocationOur ideal location in the majestic wilderness of West Virginia affords you a unique opportunity to explore what the mountains have to offer. Coopers Rock cabins are nestled in Coopers Rock State Forest, which is over 12,000 acres of trees and wildlife. This site has the most unbelievable views of West Virginia, hike trails, waterfalls and much more to quench your thirst for nature’s wonder.

Take the high road and enjoy a day of rock climbing, only a few minutes away from your cabin at Cooper’s Rock Mountain or try the low road and explore Laurel Caverns and its three mile labyrinth. You can choose to just “kick it” at the Deep Creek Ninja Factory obstacle course or take the family for a swim at Chestnut Ridge Park or the other nearby pools. No matter what mood catches you in the moment you are enjoying your cabin, you will be able to satisfy it in numerous ways.

Activities for You Near Our Cabin Rentals in West Virginia Include:

  • Geocaching right on the property
  • Skiing & snowboarding
  • Swimming and kids’ activities
  • Zip-lining
  • Fishing, rafting, and water slides

Rustic and Authentic Living Areas

Our cabin rentals in West Virginia feature modern amenities with a nice off-the-grid vibe. Mountain Creek cabins are luxury holiday homes built for the contemporary vacationers. They are architectural masterpieces complete with fireplaces and jaw-dropping mountain views.

Neat and comfortable furniture: You enter via a large deck into a warm room featuring a gas/electric log fireplace. The living rooms are splendidly designed and furnished with a mix of comfy lounges and vintage wooden furniture. The atmosphere is genuinely cabin-like; wood from floor to ceiling.

Beautiful layout: The rustic design inspires relaxation. These homes can be a romantic getaway for you and your significant other to snuggle up on the lounges, warm and cozy. They can also be a chance for you to catch up with friends, open a bottle of wine and converse into the night.

Media lounge: Unlike other cabins in the woods, ours give you the best of both worlds; a chance for a secluded living but with connection whenever you feel like it. The Cooper’s Rock Cabins all feature state of the art and fully air-conditioned media lounge if you feel like catching up with some country movie or a hit blockbuster.

WI-FI: Wireless internet is part of the package with our cabin rentals in West Virginia. It is an opportunity for you to stay connected with the world and share just how beautiful your country trip is. For the digital nomads, the WIFI at our cabins will help you meet a few deadlines even as you kick back and de-stress.

Well Equipped Kitchen

You get local pizza delivery for all our cabin rentals in West Virginia. However, if you are itching to put your culinary skills to the test, the cabins’ fully-equipped kitchens will let you. They are stocked with every cookware and bake ware you will need for the job.

The full kitchens have all kinds of appliances and utensils for your smooth food preparations. You can use these areas by yourself or invite a private chef. For lovers of barbecue, there is a gas grill near the back deck just waiting for you in all of our cabins.

The small dining areas can seat four guests at once. There are additional bar stools and lounges for large crowds. Dining areas are warmly lit and offer a relaxing, romantic dining experience.

Our Cabin Rentals in West Virginia Have Hot Tubs!

Cabin Rentals in West Virginia | Cabins with Hot TubsHow would you like to immerse in a hot tub and let your worries float away? Our Cooper’s Rock cabin rentals in West Virginia all come fitted with hot tubs. The private spas are located within the decks, giving you a chance to de-stress after a long day of explorations.

The hot tubs can seat up to four people and have exciting features, including water purification. The water heating systems work silently and efficiently, giving you a luxurious spa experience. Together with the calm ambiance and the beautiful vicinity, the experience is a taste of heaven. The unhindered view of the nighttime sky will leave you lost among the numerous stars while your body relaxes in heated bliss.


Each of our cabin rentals in West Virginia can sleep up to four guests. The bedrooms comprise of a queen-sized bed, a dressing area and drawers. The penthouse bedrooms are stylishly designed with wooden architecture and sweeping views of the WV jungles.

The beds are posh and queen-sized, laid with comfy blankets and fluffy pillows. The air conditioning helps ensure that you get a peaceful night. You will miss nothing of the comfort and luxury you might have left at home.

Bathroom Amenities

The bathrooms at our Mountain Creek cabin rentals in West Virginia are decent and designed for comfort. There are spacious free-standing showers for two, complete with shower curtains. The cozy bathrooms also feature large mirrors and hair appliances, bath towels and other important bathroom accessories. The bathroom spaces are ample, bright and airy, and offer unbeatable views of the surroundings as well, afforded by the glass windows.

Easy Accessibility

Our Cooper’s Rock cabin rentals in West Virginia are remotely located but easily accessible, nonetheless. There is excellent signage all along the way from exit 15 on Interstate 68. Navigating the rolling hills and bends through the thriving forestry should be an adventurous task on its own.

Personal Services

There are housekeeping services upon request by guests. You can, similarly, seek the management’s assistance in planning your trips around the nearby local attractions. Tours and outdoor activities such as ziplining, rafting, skiing, and rock climbing can all be arranged.

Pet-friendly Necessities

The Caleb Cabin is one of the pet-friendly vacation rentals at Mountain Creek West Virginia. It is perfect for those who can’t go a day without petting their furry friends. You don’t have to leave cats or dogs at home unattended, bring them with you!

Your current occupation probably has you locked up indoors from nine to five every day, and two more hours on the traffic jam morning and evening. In the long run, that kills creativity, inspiration, and enthusiasm for life. Mountain Creek Cabins has the solution for your “nature-deficit-disorder” and its many unbearable symptoms.

The Mountain Creek cabin rentals in West Virginia are exquisite cottages tucked in natural surroundings. It’s like living in a painted masterpiece. Beauty, adventure and relaxation await you. Make a reservation now.