Valentines Day is a great time for romantic cabins in West Virginia. For the lucky ones, the music of love, and the dancing of the hearts is an all-year-round affair. Whatever time and whatever corner of the world you are in, our romantic cabins in West Virginia serve as the perfect setting for love. Total relaxation, nature’s beauty, privacy, and comfort are some of the things to expect at Mountain Creek Cabins.

A Celebration of Nature, Away from Thronging Crowds

Romantic Cabins in West Virginia | Remote Location Near Cooper's Rock State ForestWest Virginia is known as the Mountain Heaven of the Americas. Its natural beauty thrives all year round, from a mountainous landscape covered with forestry to stunning waterfalls, lakes, and much more. This natural beauty can serve as the perfect setting for your romantic getaway. Out in the natural forests in the site of mountains, the company of birds, and to the rhythm of waterfalls, you will have several opportunities to rekindle the sparks of love.

No one that’s been to West Virginia misses an opportunity to talk about Cooper’s Rock State Forest. It offers a lush serenity covering 12,713 acres. This land abounds with wildlife, exotic trees, birds, and colorful butterflies. There are several trail hikes that you and you’re loved one can follow through the forest, searching for scenic spots that make your heart race.

Near Coopers Mountain Rock is the Raven Rock Overlook. This spot is accessible via the Raven Rock Trail and provides the best sweeping view of the Cheat River Gorge. There are similarly several areas for fishing biking and other natural attractions near this area.

Other outdoor romantic activities in this area include:

A Home Away from Home with Self-Catering

Our Cooper’s Rock Cabins are meant to be your temporary home. That means that you and your loved one get the whole cabin to yourselves, without having to worry about the maid or the hotel staff barging in when you try to relax. Our cabins feature state of the art kitchens and living areas, making for a comfortable getaway without intrusions.

Our romantic cabins in West Virginia are particularly romantic because couples get to create or recreate a cozy retreat. After your day of sightseeing and communing with nature, you can come back to your cabin-home, make a mouthwatering meal, and relax on the deck or in the hot tub with a bottle of wine.

Cooking your meals together is a great way to reconnect and strengthen the bond of love. You might even throw in some aphrodisiac ingredients. Luckily, Cooper’s Rock cabins have well-equipped kitchens for you. You can buy fresh ingredients from the local markets and if you feel like barbeque, the gas grills at the back deck will make your dreams come true.

Privacy and Disconnection from the World

Disconnecting from the World | Romantic Cabins in West VirginiaThe advantage of cabin rentals over hotels is privacy. A romantic getaway is not romantic if you have to share the home with strangers or worry about staff flitting about in the name of cleaning or something else. Mountain Creek cabins set the romantic standards high with secluded cabins, safely tucked in isolation throughout the picturesque Mountain Creek Forest.

You and your loved one will get one whole cabin to yourselves. This privacy will offer you a chance to connect at a deeper level of intimacy and fuel your passion. No one is around listening or watching; it’s a time to let loose and surrender your senses into a one of a kind love experience.

Given the remote location of our area, not all cell services are available. Regardless, there is WIFI connectivity, a chance for you to connect with the world when you have to. But romantic getaways are about disconnection from the world so that you can pay the best attention to your loved ones. If you are looking for that kind of disconnection, we have what you require and desire to help you reconnect to love.

Plenty of Romantic Ideas Within

Romantic Cabins in West Virginia | Romantic Ideas AvailableWe have many romantic opportunities within and around our cabins. Many of them are free and guaranteed to enhance your romance. Our amenities will help with that.

Every day is a beautiful day in paradise at Mountain Creek romantic cabins in West Virginia. You and your loved one don’t have to work so hard to make your getaway a success. Simplicity and beauty lie in things like watching the sunset together from the comfort of the decks.

Our cabins are similarly fitted with hot tubs, which offer a chance for you to have a steamy romantic evening. The private spas on the back decks will help you relax, de-stress, and spend some quality time together under the starry night. Given the calm and beautiful ambiance all around, a bottle of champagne will be all it takes to enhance the pampering experience.

The beautiful living rooms are furnished for successful romantic holidays. The furniture is comfortable and well kept. The room architecture is warm, featuring a rustic wooden design that oozes vintage vibes. The cabins have either an electric or gas fireplace—an idea for couples to cozy up and spend quality time together.

Do you want a romantic movie for a nightcap? The Cooper’s Rock romantic cabins have just what you need. Each cabin features a state of the art media lounge equipped with a dish network TV. This area is well conditioned and comfy, waiting for couples that desire to slow down the pace of life and appreciate every minute of their relationship.

In-Room Details

Our bedrooms are stylishly designed and staged to let in the most amazing views of the surroundings. The beds are lavish and lain with comfy pillows and blankets. The rooms are air-conditioned and furnished with the necessary accessories.

As for the bathrooms, they are spacious and designed for two. They are decent and stylish, offering privacy but still letting in the picturesque views of the forest and the surrounding mountains. These cozy settings feature all accessories and appliances, from toiletries to towels and hair dryers and more.

Assistance and Personal Services

Let us worry about the little things, including planning for trips, shopping, and cleaning, so you can focus on spending time with your loved one. We can help in planning trips to the nearby attractions. We can arrange for chauffeuring, private chefs, massage, laundry, and other services to make your stay truly personalized and worthwhile.

Lovers and couples need a quiet retreat from time to time. Our romantic cabins in West Virginia are set within nature’s beauty with plenty of outdoor activities. The facilities are similarly furnished with comfortable and luxurious amenities to make your stay a memorable one. Make a reservation now for a chance to renew intimacy and solidify the structure of your relationship.